Camel Ride Around Marrakech Rock desert and Palm trees

Marrkaech, Morocco
from €30


Camel Ride Around Marrakech Rock desert and Palm trees

Visit the palm grove to see many groups of camels and if you would like to we can arrange a ride on the back of a camel for a walk around the palms. We guarantee to be on time and provide an excellent level of service.

Tour Inclusion

Included :
Hotel pick up & rop off
Tea and crepes break with a local family
Shesh for the trip
Botteled water


Ride through time to Marrakech's traditional palm grove and rocky desert, a dalm excursion on tyhe immediate outskirts ofv the Red city, through palm grove and adobe villages,
Discover and meet these amazing animals so incredibly adapted to desert life,
To enjoy the magic of the great desert damel treks, we provide you with a traditional shesh headwear ( typical nomad scraf), tea, Moroccan crepes and Berber hospitality in a shaded and relaxed local home
Experience a real moment to the magic of the desert caravans.

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